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March 31st – fran·tic – /fran(t)ik/


  • wild or distraught with fear, anxiety, or other emotion. e.g. “he/she was frantic with worry”
  • conducted in a hurried, excited, and chaotic way, typically because of the need to act quickly.

synonyms:    panic-stricken, panicky, beside oneself, at one’s wits’ end, distraught, overwrought, worked up, agitated, distressed; More

antonyms:    calm

The weeks, months, years of planning, preparing are coming to a rapid conclusion. I must realise this long held dream, in 2015 or stop the whole project and take the risk of forever wondering “what if” or “if only”. Like all the best laid plans, not everything is as I had dreamed. In particular the concept of doing this on my own had not ever entered my imagination. Yet this is the reality. It is as fate decrees and I place my trust in God.

The weather this winter while not as bad as last year has been wet, windy and grey. Living alone in Brighton Marina is a self inflicted sort of solitary confinement, with all the same implication for ones mental balance.  I escape periodically to the warm welcome and relative sanity of Dee & Williams home where I have been allocated my own room. Here I can find a safe refuge, to gather my thoughts and regroup.

The past six months have seen me buying this gadget, or that spare from Amazon; eBay; and a variety of online marine chandleries. Dee and William’s postman must think they have lost their marbles. But I have slowly and surely worked my way through a number of repairs on the boat. It is 6 years since I crossed that boundary where there is no pay check at the end of the month and I have had to rediscover my inner Do-It –Yourself-Man. No more hiring various marine “Engineers”. By the way why on earth do people corrupt the description “Engineer”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most marine “engineers” are about as skilled as a software engineer (a large child who has under developed social skills and a degree of Asperger’s syndrome) ; project engineer (a clerk who knows how to use Microsoft Project) or serving engineer ( a waiter). Anyway I digress. The past few months I have fixed the hot water pressure relief valve; the electric heads; the manual heads; the deck wash; the holding tank pump out and today I have completed a full service of the engine and generator. Albeit the engine servicing tasks were carried out under the sceptical supervision of Dave – a marine “engineer” – ok, I sold out.

Now, I have two weeks of leaving dos and visits to various friends and family. Its fantastic to get such a lot of encouragement and support. It makes a difference. So to all of you – you know who you are, this is not Facebook so I am not going to post your photo, your name or your mobile phone number – THANK YOU!

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