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Week one–I made it..just.


Well its the end of the first week. A week of highs and lows, and, as might be expected, a week full of “Firsts” too.

On the one hand its is a tremendous freedom to have absolutely no-one to answer to, agree with, compromise with, or have any concern for. Every action is only bound by my own inclination and skill; every decision by my own whim and preference. Its like being a teenager again. On the other hand, when sailing, many of the decisions you are faced with,  if not life or death, are certainly going to be costly one way or another if they are wrong or suddenly go wrong.

After arriving at Haslar Marina last Sunday, I knew that I would have to get some of the following items completed sooner or later.

  • Service the outboard – used for 3hrs when bought 2 years ago. Together with the dinghy this is critical for getting to / from the boat if you are anchored (other than rowing – which is obviously not an option…)
  • Test the watermaker – dormant for two years – only run twice.
  • Test the remote anchor windlass switch – This allows me to drop/list the anchor from the helm rather than the bow
  • Test my new WinchRite – A lovely gift from the LoG.(League of Gentlemen – more of them later)
  • Test the generator – Newly serviced and never run outside of a marina.

All of this would be on top of tests for me. I need to know whether I can smoothly carry out the following tasks on my own – especially when under pressure due to adverse weather conditions:

  • Cast off / moor the boat
  • Hoist/ reef the sails
  • Tack / gybe the boat
  • Drop / raise the anchor
  • Launch / retrieve the dinghy and outboard

Well I am getting through the list. But I am aware that this is a process that never ends, and I must be kind to myself. Every real sailor will tell you that you never stop learning….

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