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Anchoring at Brownsea Island

First chance to anchor overnight in a really peaceful and protected area just by poetically named Goathorn Point across from Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour.


Its so quiet you can almost hear a pin drop – if the wading birds would just stop paddling and splashing – so annoying. Its Monday and I have decided to stay for 3 days. To just get acclimatised to living “on the hook”, and also test out stuff that is meant to enable me to live outside of marinas if at all possible. This includes the generator, and the prosaically named  Dessalator D60 Cruise water maker.

Each day I monitor the electricity being consumed (amps) and see how long and how often I have to run the generator to put the amps back into my battery bank – I have 6 x 110 amp batteries = 660 amps. But you cant run them down less than 50% and to be safe I have set an alarm at 75%. So if you are still following all this – when I have used 165 amps – I need to run the generator for an hour. This consumes 1 litre of diesel – and that costs around £1. Are you still awake? All this suits my admittedly dwindling mind. I start up an Excel spread sheet to record the amps used and the hours run on the generator – happiness !

In between I just sit or snooze in the cockpit or in the saloon down below. When the tied goes out I am surrounded by land – and thankfully Enterprise sits happily in a 2m deep hollow that is conveniently located just off the pier. there is in fact room for 3 or 4 boats but luckily my only neighbours are two boats that have been moored on buoys and left there – presumably by locals. All around there are wading birds and other wildlife – that I cant name without Wikipedia – give me a break I grew up in London this wildlife stuff is strange – wild even.

The generator is working fine the only real consumer of electricity is the fridge – not so the water maker. It refuses to make water it starts, and then alarm lights come on. I have a 3 Network MiFi so I am able to email the suppliers for help. This starts a number of emails back and forth – at least they respond – in fact it is the MD that is responding!  I even do a video on my phone and upload it to Dropbox for him to see. Oh how technology creeps in  – even “off the grid”…





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  • John

    Hope it all goes well. Seem to have been `following you` a lot in the last week as I`ve been to Poole Harbour (overlooking Brownsea Island), Swanage and Weymouth. But instead of sailing to these places myself, I used my pensioner`s bus pass (ha, ha) !

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