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You will need my sat phone number which you can get by emailing me. Although the screen will say 160 chars - I only get the first 108 (...its the usual IT screw up)






Pirouetting to Plymouth…

After a lovely couple of days in Dartmouth. I make plans to go to Plymouth. I still haven’t got the water maker working and I know that at Queen Anne’s Battery the marina is right next to a small industrial estate chock full of marine engineers and suppliers. its only 32 nm so at 5 kts it should take 6 hrs. Once more the lovely British summer takes a hand. Hard SW winds and sea state moderate. I take 9 hrs.

Its strange to motor up to the QAB Marina and turn in just before the lock gates that would take me into Sutton Harbour – where I bought Enterprise on a chilly November day in  2011.

As I moor up I hear the booming sound of a concert pa system up on the hill above me. I later find out that the high pitch screaming was Little Mix and the concert was MTV Crashes Plymouth. At last it stops at midnight.

Thursday – I decide to check out what engineers I could get on board to have a look at the water maker. I get a few numbers from the marina office, and go back to Enterprise. No – that’s not good enough. I put on my dirty working clothes and start to do what the latest email from the suppliers has suggested I try. After much muttering, and with water splashed liberally all over the saloon – the water maker shows a green light and starts pumping water – at least I hope it is water and not the stuff I am floating in – its a marina remember. I run the machine for two hours – that should be 120 litres of the cleanest water you could ever drink. Well there is only one way to find out – I fill a cup and drink. Hurray! its water. Strange to be so elated at this particular H20 when I spend most of my time sailing in it, cooking with it,  drinking it and even watching it fall from the sky.

My elation is quickly subdued by the booming sound of a white guy talking like a black NY rapper. I later discover this was Oliver Heldens – click on the link if you think this sort of thing is music.

What’s this – the weather forecast for Friday 24th has E backing N. Could this be my chance to cross the Channel? This is going to need some careful planning so I spend most of the day checking the pilotage into l’Aber Wrach, (and the back up port of Roscoff); deciding when I would bail out and go for the back up – I set three decision points along the cross Channel route; I calculate the Course to Steer – I know from experience that this can make quite a difference to your arrival time if you close the coast of France 5 miles down stream in terms of tide, its rough; its dark; your tired. The CTS takes into account the set of the tides that you will be crossing – for some time running east, then west, then east, then west again 4 tides in 24 hrs since they change direction every 6 hours. Sailors among you will understand I wont go any further into this you will be glad to know! Having done all my planning on my laptop I then transfer the routes to the ships chart plotter using wifi  – all very wonderful.


IMG_5687 IMG_5682
A day at the office another day at the office
IMG_5680 IMG_5676
Why cant these guys find their own route… Tacking out to get round the Start Point

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