Iridium TEXT messages…

You will need my sat phone number which you can get by emailing me. Although the screen will say 160 chars - I only get the first 108 (...its the usual IT screw up)






Arrived Safely.

Route Map - Gijon2

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  • Tony Moriarty

    Another great tale Russ many thanks.

    Your very focused thinking, detailed & inspiring posts will encourage all those who have ambition, motivation & the will to fight the multitude of temptations that dilute & distract their efforts to balance the survival & success seesaw they sit on.

    Your very brave & wonderous ‘suck it & see’ adventure is real proof that dreams & ambitions can be achieved.

    Well done Russ my thoughts of congratulations…wow at his age…keep at it sailor…keep doing & napping…watch out for all those discarded, bobbing & weaving containers.

    Keep safe…keep well…good luck & good fortune Russ

    • Tony…. stop going on about containers!…. now let me see,

      …. should I take cautionary advice from a man that has thrown himself out of perfectly good aircraft over 1000 times with 60lb of dubious British Army supplies on his back, and an equally suspect firearm….. not to mention the VHF…!

      I do however remember one piece of advice you gave me many years ago – “always state the bloody obvious” – I cant tell you how many times that one pearl of wisdom has made me think before I leap….. hence the post-it note on my chart table…..

      All the best

  • Gary

    Good stuff Russ,them’s can be choppy waters.Was a bit worried for you .Live the dream!BTW,.Nelson didn’t have a kip as soon as he got to Spain,are you sure you’re showing bulldog spirit sufficiently?

  • Trudy

    Brilliant , very proud of our big bruvver! xx

  • Amazing achievement. When you are rested; please post the 1st victory dance. Well done, we are so very, very happy and proud of you. Hoping that you can feel the love 🙂 xxx

  • Hannah

    Incredibly proud, well done dad xxx

  • Pleased to hear it. Have a good long sleep! xxx

  • Stuart

    Well done Russ. Where next?

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