Iridium TEXT messages…

You will need my sat phone number which you can get by emailing me. Although the screen will say 160 chars - I only get the first 108 (...its the usual IT screw up)






Gijon – the cooking list..

Re-stocking the little freezer with on passage “ready meals” A kilo of sardines 1Euro – yes one ! What do you do with them..?
IMG_6004 IMG_5899
Grilled; curried; …. keep them for bait ….. A kilo of prawns – 9 Euros…What do you do with them..?
IMG_5901 IMG_5904
Grilled; curried; …. definitely too good for bait ! You cant go wrong with good ingredients…
IMG_5905 IMG_5900
Lunch for one…. what happened to the 5:2 diet ?
  IMG_5902 IMG_5903
My French neighbour brought in some tuna….he had caught along the way…. …and my reward for helping him moor up…
IMG_5921 IMG_5922
IMG_5923 IMG_5942
I didn’t show him my catch….

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