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Its 16 Aug. 0300 UTC.

I am glad to slip away from Gijon. Its just nice to be away from the hustle and bustle. So it’s ¡adiós!; ¡hasta luego!; ¡HASTA LA VISTA, GIJON.

I intend taking in the three major “Rias” of Asturias, before ending up at La Coruna (or is it A Coruna – charts and maps seem to use both). The next stop is Ribadeo. The first thing the pilot book says is it isn’t really a ria  – it is actually a river valley. The anchorages seem a bit limited with plenty of moving shoal areas – that you can see in this picture.


The marina is on the left bank in this picture just by the bridge. Its bit weird but the navigation channel forces you to approach the bridge – thankfully very high at 30m – and go under the span right next to the shore just metres away from some very large rocks. I want to arrive with the tide coming in to avoid the 3kts or so of tidal stream that would occur if the tide was going out.

The sail is uneventful. Winds are low to non existent so I have to motor sail with the full main up to steady the boat and catch what ever zephyrs arise. I arrive and, as is the custom, a rib is there shepherding new arrivals in. The guy jumps out at the designated pontoon and helps me tie up. The boat gets another little scuff as he yanks the bow line in and the bow touches the black rubber that lines the dockside. Why do people always want to pull the bow in!

CitadelRibadeo is nice enough. A little citadel up a steep climb.

Like many Spanish towns it doesn’t know if it is medieval or modern and both types of architecture sit side by side.




IMG_5948The most amazing building is the Torre de los Moreno.

A very strange concoction dating from 1915 but looking much older.







The steep climb and cobbled medieval streets were playing havoc with my rheumatism. A feeling that may have been exacerbated by the number of shops that specialised in hip operations.




I will not be attending the local hospital for a check-up.

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