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Autumnal Equinox…


“Of all the seasons, autumn offers the most to man and requires the least of him.” ― Hal Borland


I am back on Enterprise. It is a bitter sweet feeling.The marina has been deserted by the ocean traveller types that I left here 5 weeks ago. It is the first day of Autumn, or Fall if you are from the New World. A wonderful reminder of the seasons and the 23.5 degree stellar reasons for them. I arrived last night after plane to Santiago then bus, train and taxi journey to the marina at A Coruna. I awoke at 10.22 CEST. the Autumnal Equinox. The Sun’s rays fought to part the clouds cover and illuminate the lovely shape of Enterprise as I staggered to the shower block, not quite sure what the process or protocol was and feeling a little out of place.

On returning to the boat, I unpacked – eBay spoils first. Fittings for the SJ400 camera; fuel tank sensor;  40lb fishing line and wiggly plastic octopus lures. Then gifts, chutney and freezer bags from Gerry; three books including a water colour painting book from Dee; lovely fruit cake from Sam. Then clothes. All put away. Hopefully in places where I will find them again when needed.

ToDo List. I set about fitting the fuel sensor first. The fuel sensor is inside the fuel tank – obviously – but the tank is encased in wood – totally inaccessible except for a 6 inch hatch on top. I had tried to fix the sensor before. This involves removing the microwave from its wooden cabinet; removing the base of the cabinet; removing the power cable; removing the back of the cabinet; and then lifting the 6inch hatch. This enables you to unscrew the fuel sensor which is like a steel screw-on cap with a 70cm rod fixed at right angles to its base. There is not enough clearance to get the rod out – so I had to bend it. Naturally it bent – then it snapped. Never mind I had a new one! I cut the 12v cable to the old one, crimped two spades to the new one – replaced it into the fuel tank (its only 60cm long)  and attached the 12v cable to the gauge. I turned the ignition on – and nothing. No effect. I tested the impedance with my meter – all seemed well. It must be a fault elsewhere. All this for nothing. C’est la vie, Así es la vida. I’ll just have to keep on estimating consumption with my log.

The weather reports for the week seem to be improving. So I decided it would be good to fill up with fuel. In any case that would “break the spell” for me since it would mean actually moving the boat for the first time in weeks. I removed the extra mooring lines that I had installed “just in case” while I was away, removed the shore power (yes I remembered!), and arranged the remaining mooring lines ready to slip. All went smoothly. I cast off, motored over to the fuel dock and moored up without a hitch. I filled the tank and the spare jerry cans – 2 x 20 litre cans.

The fridge is empty. The only vegetables on board are two onions. Late lunch / early dinner was soya chunks in spicy mush with penne and two bottles of beer. It may not be featured in my cookbook. I am feeling quite rested and at home. Tomorrow I will go to the supermarket, perhaps cook and load the freezer and do some route planning.

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