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Back…in the future…


Well, you will appreciate that I have been busy. Livin la vida loca is not as easy as you may think!

For those of you with attention deficit disorder the passage across the Atlantic is well documented at and the scurrilous; pock face; lily livered; heinous crew published their own mutinous account here… I will not say more. Suffice to say the Bligh himself would have been reduced to tears.

I thought that April 1st would be an altogether auspicious date on which to re-open this blog and to try and focus the mind on something other than…well… I cant tell you that…what goes on tour stays on tour.

Suffice to say that I got to know Martinique rather well. Better than nearly all other boats that arrived there with the Atlantic Odyssey with the exception of Paloma – who like Enterprise was delayed by the need to ship spares from the UK – over the Christmas and New Year period !

While in the French colony of Martinique I happened across the notice board where vagabonds and misfits commonly offer their sorry carcasses as crew. Given that some time and much rum had passed through the veins since the Atlantic voyage I began to wonder if an all female crew might not better that the macho gang with whom I had sailed the ocean blue.

I came, up with the notion of engaging one such ne’er do well. A young lass had put up a notice entitled “Existence may precede and rule essence, but I am a very good cook”, in which she had rambled on about her philosophy of life, she signed the c.v. with the initials JPS. Later I discovered this stood for Jean-Penelope Sartre. She gave a good interview – so much so that I have recorded some of our conversation here:

Me – What do you think of doing night watches on your own?

JPS – If you are lonely when you’re alone, you are in bad company…

Me – What do you think about being disturbed in your off watch period to deal with an emergency?

JPS – Only the guy who isn’t rowing has time to rock the boat…

Me – Would you mind if I mention you in my blog?

JPS – For an occurrence to become an adventure, it is necessary and sufficient for one to recount it.
I couldn’t help but warm to this philosophical cook. She believed in nothing; only her scepticism kept her from being an atheist.

5 comments to Back…in the future…

  • Oh how we have missed your ramblings! Continue to report the philosophical sayings; I could use some in my profile :). Much love x

  • Paul

    Sooo good you are back an blogging! At least I thought so – however – I am not sure how much more of your la dolce vita I can take! I read your blogs thro green eyes…! Great you are back on line.

  • Dee Harper

    JPS sounds like a very engaging character to have as crew..and she can cook…enterprising’ woman’ . Good luck to you all Capt as the adventure continues.

  • Gary

    Aaaaah,dear old Dolittles Bar,many a happy night I spent there(as far as I can recall,after a time it all becomes a little hazy).But the secrets of Dolittles shall remain just that.You lucky rogue

  • Stuart

    What about her cooking?

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