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Well what was there left to do..? oh yes , catch Zika virus.

The crew of Enterprise has caught Zika.

We went to the Dr. Jenny Isaacs today – Anne and I… both have a rash; pains; hot eyes…etc etc

She agreed we have Zika.

The only remedy is lots of water, and paracetamol for pains – not Ibruprofen – forgot why…. She said symptoms will subside after a week. Mine are on the way out already – Anne’s are more recent so her rash is getting more pronounced – luckily not on her face or neck – just all over everything else.

Two other similar infections in the area, are

– Chikungunya and

– Dengue Fever

Both are more virulent and will recur over a long period….

Apparently it isn’t taken that seriously here unless you are pregnant. Luckily I have avoided that malady, and so too has Anne.

It’s carried by mosquito. It’s not a contagious disease between people. Once you get the rash it’s on the way out. Your body then is able to defend against any future infection.

Zika – should not recur…but in a few cases there is evidence that you may develop Guillain-Barré syndrome….oh happy days….

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    Oh how I’ve missed your anecdotes! 🙂 This affliction belayed you despite the many emails and messages about which mozzy repellent is the most effective? Hope you are all on the mend and thanks for the info on what to be watchful for. Much love xx

  • Blimey Russ – only just seen this. You really are going for the full Caribbean experience aren’t you! Trust you’ve made a full recovery by now. xxx

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