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You will need my sat phone number which you can get by emailing me. Although the screen will say 160 chars - I only get the first 108 (...its the usual IT screw up)







Enterprise is moored up in a small creek off the main bay at a place called Chaguaramas. The marina has a large area for storing boats “on the hard”. Most cruisers leave their boats here and go off home for a few months coming back for the season in October/November.

The marina is very well served by tradespeople and the standards of workmanship are very high. Its interesting to note that Trinidad has its own extensive teak plantations, so getting wood work repaired or teak fittings created for a boat is also very easy and of the highest quality.

We have almost completed our to do list since arriving on the 3rd August. Including such delights as servicing all the winches (I have only ever done one myself in the past 5 years); re-cutting the main sail (too baggy for words) ; getting a new boarding ladder (fell off in Martinique) ; fitting a new ignition switch (died en route Trinidad); fitting a new remote panel for the Victron inverter (died en route Trinidad); ; and the usual cleaning and fixing jobs all over the boat.

The mainsail has been due for replacement for ever since the Atlantic crossing – maybe before!. The sail loft here is called Ullman Sails. They did such a good job on re-cutting the old, baggy sail – it now goes in and out of the in-mast furling … that I decided to talk to them about a new sail. Luckily, they are having a quiet time so I managed to get a great price for a new sail and it should be delivered and fitted next Wednesday. They even threw in some go faster stripes and the “Moody” yachts logo.

That means we are only waiting for a parcel of spares from the UK (c/o son Joe) – then we can make tracks for Tobago.

We have had a briefing for the Nereids Rally that sets off on Sept 5th and we are really looking forward to the next adventure. It appears that many of the participants will be starting from Tobago rather than Trinidad since it is a much nicer place to anchor.. and the sailing angle for Guyana is favourable.

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