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Carib Great Race 2016…

Saturday 20th Aug 2016…The day of the big race. Hundreds of boats small and big turn out to watch the start of the annual Trinidad to Tobago powerboat race. Leaving the Port of Spain Waterfront at 8:00AM Team Paramount arrived in Tobago at 9:10AM to complete the 116-mile journey in 1 hour 10 minutes to claim first place.

The sea is not always like a lake -  and the spectators show no fear – driving their boats pretty much like they drive their cars…
There is even a “Pirogue Class” – just to help the pirates keep up to speed ..!


It was a great day. We were lucky to be invited out, together with our neighbours on SV Fenicia, to a picnic with Jesse Gangasingh (the electrician) and his family aboard a pirogue..!

We were told to be ready for a pick up at 0600. So I set the alarm for 0500 and woke up at 0430 in order to make sure the alarm went off….Needless to say we were eventually picked up by Jesse and his family… at 0830….it’s the Caribbean.

We had a lovely day. Jesse nd his family were warm and fun loving. We stopped at Scotland bay and waded ashore with dozens of parcels of food and drink. Including an old car wheel hub that was to be used as the base for the BBQ – Trine style.

Jesse’s family have Indian ancestry and the spices were abundant in the cooking – fantastic food! Best BBQ on a Ford Escort wheel that I have ever tasted – especially after the Trini technique of throwing brown sugar on the charcoal for extra flavour…


We went to Turtle bay for swimming, and more “Liming”… accompanied by some very large dolphins who were busy herding fish into the bay for their own picnic.

Happy crew waiting for pickup at 0600…
Wading ashore with all the gear..
IMG_8241 IMG_8261
IMG_8284 IMG_8306

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  • Gary

    Not a bad August all told,fighting off pirates,fighting off chicken feet,surviving beat the red.Can’t see why you prefer that to nodding off watching repeats on the telly in grey old Blighty.Will put an extra spoonful of cocoa in the cup tonight just to be daring.

  • Chris Davies

    Keep on gently going Russ. Love reading your adventures

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