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You will need my sat phone number which you can get by emailing me. Although the screen will say 160 chars - I only get the first 108 (...its the usual IT screw up)







I have always tried to keep Enterprise fully serviced and in top class condition. The admiring comments when experienced sailors look over her is testament to that. Simply keeping a constant regime of cleaning has ensured that I get to see and inspect all parts of the boat and hopefully catch maintenance issues before they become regrets.

Here is a list of the upgrades; enhancements and maintenance that has been carried out on Enterprise. This does not include all the enhancements that were already on the boat when i bought her. My list began with a comprehensive survey carried out by John Cherry himself (ex Moody).

The result after 6 years of ownership is that, in my opinion, Enterprise is very likely the best equipped and safest M44 sailing today …. : – )

  1. Specification
  2. Upgrades & Enhancements
  3. Maintenance
  4. Extras – Equipment
  5. Extras – Navigation & Pilotage
  6. Performance

The “extras” are not included in the sale unless the full asking price is obtained.