Iridium TEXT messages…

You will need my sat phone number which you can get by emailing me. Although the screen will say 160 chars - I only get the first 108 (...its the usual IT screw up)







Engine deep service inc. new Volvo belts (2012) Gosport Boat Yard / Motortech
Replace engine hoses with fire retardent type (2013) Willett Marine
Engine room refurb (2016) Trinidad – PowerBoats
Replace engine exhaust hose (2016) Trinidad – PowerBoats
New Volvo ignition switch (2016)  
Generator remove & rebuild (2013) Southern Shipwrights
Service and check alignment of shaft (2012) Gosport Boat Yard
Repack stuffing box (2012;2015) – replaced 2016 Gosport Boat Yard / Porto
New cutless bearing (2012) Gosport Boat Yard
Fit existing fixed prop in fwd locker as spare (2013) Willett Marine
New sea water supply to generator (2013) Willett Marine
Replace Raymarine Autopilot Ram (2016) Martinique – Pochon
Engine full service  (2012;13;14;15;16) Various
Generator full service  (2012;13;14;15;16) Various
Outboard full service (2015;16) Various
Hull & Shipwrighting  
Replace all skin fittings and all ball valves with DZR (2012) Gosport Boat Yard
Replace all heads pipework to fwd heads (2012) Southern Shipwrights
Hull and deck clean & polish (2012;13;14;15;16) Various
Woodwork varnish (2012; 2015;2016) Various
Sand blast cast iron keel; prime; coppercoat (2013) Willett Marine
New boat name vinyl (2012) BrightNClean
New boot line vinyl (2012) Gosport Boat Yard
New antennae mast (2012) Southern Welding & Polishing
Repair and renew teak decks (2012) Gohl Marine
Repair and renew teak steps on sugar scoop (2013) Willett Marine
Hull repair small chips / diamond polish (2013) Willett Marine
Renew coach lines (2013) Willett Marine
Renew seal and paint doghouse (2013) Willett Marine
Strip and reseal doghouse teak roof and teak grab rails (2013) Willett Marine
Service kit manual heads (2012;13;14;15;16) Owner
Service electric heads (2012;13;14;15;16) Owner
Service kit holding tank pump (2015) Owner
Clean teak decks (2016) Trinidad – PowerBoats
Varnish woodwork (2016) Trinidad – PowerBoats
Hull polish (2016) Trinidad – PowerBoats
Coppercoat touch up (2016) Trinidad – PowerBoats
New fridge compressor (2016) Trinidad – PowerBoats
New fridge controller (2016) Lanzerotte – Puerto Calero
Sails & Rigging  
Replace all standing rigging with higher gauge (2012) Solent Spars
Replace all running rigging (2012) Solent Spars
Check & tune standing rigging (2012) Jerry the rigger
New gooseneck (2014) Seth’s Rigging
New Genoa (2016) Dolphin Sails
New Ullman Sails Main sail (2016) Trinidad – Ullman Sails
Service furling mainsail system (2016) Trinidad – PowerBoats
Service Furlex (2016) Trinidad – PowerBoats
Service all winches Trinidad – PowerBoats
Gas system service and certification (2012) Gas Check Marine
EPIRB service (2012) Sartech
New watermaker membranes x 2 (2016) Martinique – Caraibe-Greement
New watermaker filter (2015;2016) Martinique – Caraibe-Greement
New Seagull drinking water filter (2012;2013;2014;2015;2016) Martinique – Caraibe-Greement
Replace Navtex aerial (2015) Lanzerotte – Puerto Calero
Relocate inverter/charger & battery bank of 5 AGM’s (2013) Willett Marine
Renew charging / monitoring circuits (2013) Willett Marine
Rationalise engine;domestic;bow thruster; windlass power circuits & replace cables  (2013) Willett Marine
Service kit 100 amp engine alternator (2015) La Corunna – Marina
New domestic battery bank – Victron AGM 110amp x 5 (2016) Martinique – Tilikum