Iridium TEXT messages…

You will need my sat phone number which you can get by emailing me. Although the screen will say 160 chars - I only get the first 108 (...its the usual IT screw up)






Pirogues of the Caribbean…

Enterprise set sail from Port Louis, Grenada at 1230 on 2nd August, bound for Trinidad. We had taken on board the growing sense of insecurity from the Caribbean Safety & Security Net (CSSN) bulletins and decided that discretion was the better part… so we were to join two other boats – Aztec Dream and Nautilus – as we crossed South of Grenada – they were departing from Prickly Bay.

The CSSN publish “Passage Precautions” and we had heeded their advice – travelling in company; creating sacrificial goodies to hand over to pirates (money in a credible

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Well what was there left to do..? oh yes , catch Zika virus.

The crew of Enterprise has caught Zika.

We went to the Dr. Jenny Isaacs today – Anne and I… both have a rash; pains; hot eyes…etc etc

She agreed we have Zika.

The only remedy is lots of water, and paracetamol for pains – not Ibruprofen – forgot why…. She said symptoms will subside after a week. Mine are on the way out already – Anne’s are more recent so her rash is getting more pronounced – luckily not on her face

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From Zumba to ……

Well the “Spice Island” chapter is drawing to a close. Enterprise has been here since March, and the crew and the boat are fully rested and ready for a new chapter.

What have the crew go up to..? It seems we have done everything. We have visited the rum factory (& sampled), the chocolate factory (& sampled); the waterfalls (& swum); we have completed 2 hashes (& sweated); we have been to the sculptor park (& snorkelled); we have endured loud loud LOUD music on very bus, food stand and beach party (& danced)….

….having done all this

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Grenada Hash …never again..?

Ok, I forgot how knackered I was the first time…and decided to do another hash…

This time in the lovely lush mountains of Balthazar. It had been raining for at least 4 hours every night for the past week… the rain forest was green, the mud was brown, the rivers were in flood….oh boy this hash delivered…

Yours truly at the end waiting for my beer and chicken,…





This video was shot by one of the runners – they did the 6km course in 45 mins – I took 2 hrs…. one guy fell in front

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Early morning wake up call…

Each day, the local cruisers anchored or moored in various bays around the Island tune in to a “Cruisers Net” on VHF 66.

There is a strict format of Safety & Security Issues; Weather; Treasures of the Bilge (stuff to buy/sell) and so on…

The net starts at 0730 !

“Goooooooood morning Vietnam!…Its 0600…What’s the "0" stand for? ….Oh, my God, it’s early! …”

Click here to  remember Robin, in Good Morning Vietnam?..

Weather…”Well, thank you, Roosevelt. What’s the weather like out there? "It’s hot. Damn hot! Real hot! Hottest

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Grenada Hash–my first time…


I suppose it was inevitable that having come to the Carrybean that I would try hash. So it was on Saturday April 4th at 14:15, that the crew of Enterprise (the philosopher; mathematician and I) were picked up and driven along the precarious coast road to the obscure village of Gouyave.

We raced along in 30C heat in an ancient mini van driven by Patrick “Shademan”; windows down; white knuckles gripping the seat in front. Suddenly we came to a resounding halt. A traffic accident way some way ahead was being dealt with by the Police. I wondered what

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Did the earth move for you?..


The Eastern Caribbean is a seismically active area with hundreds of earthquakes occurring in and around the region each year. So here we are in Port Louis Marina, Grenada…when…an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.7 rocked sections of Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada this morning.

The Earthquake Unit at the University of the West Indies (UWI), St Augustine campus reports that the epicentre of the quake, with a depth of 85 kilometres, was located 5 kilometres South South west of Irapa, Venezuela. So far, there have been no reports of damage or injuries.

You will

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Grenada – Facts & Fiction..

Grenada – a real spice island – Enterprise has been here just over two weeks. Just bedding down for the “Hurricane Season” which runs from June to November. Insurance company has been notified, marina fees negotiated and paid….now to explore…

The island is famed for its nutmeg – and also for being one the nations invaded by the USA!.

Well you can always rely on the CIA Fact book – cant you?…

“Carib Indians inhabited Grenada when Christopher COLUMBUS discovered the island in 1498, but it remained uncolonized for more than a century. The French settled Grenada in

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I sail therefore I am…

The next crew member to join up was a rather geeky and long nosed Annie Descharts. She presented herself one afternoon as I ordered my second Planters Punch in the notorious Doolittle’s Bar. The bar itself claimed to be the location for the film of the famed Doctor and his powers over animals. A power which I mused would be very useful when confronting crew.

Miss Descharts was a navigator and a mathematician. She wore a T shirt on which the slogan “Evidence is to the eyes of the spirit what vision is to the eyes of the body” –

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Back…in the future…


Well, you will appreciate that I have been busy. Livin la vida loca is not as easy as you may think!

For those of you with attention deficit disorder the passage across the Atlantic is well documented at and the scurrilous; pock face; lily livered; heinous crew published their own mutinous account here… I will not say more. Suffice to say the Bligh himself would have been reduced to tears.

I thought that April 1st would be an altogether auspicious date on which to re-open this blog and to try and

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