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A dream within a dream…

Ok, I know, my critics tell me I haven’t got very far in world girdling terms. In my defence I have been rather busy …

While holed up in Ocean Quay, Southampton for a month I had two trips out with Paul from Dolphin Sails to devise methods for singlehanded launching of my cruising chute (video) and my poled out head sail (video). After the problems I had with the anchor retrieval at Osborne Bay I took the opportunity to get a second battery installed for the anchor windlass (video). Ray Austin showed me how to strip and completely re-grease the windlass itself – naturally the whole mechanism was caked with salt and old grease – all of which must have contributed to my experience at Osborne Bay, when I had to haul 10m of chain and 33kg of anchor by hand. The video links are not of me – but you get the idea of what may be involved if you are singlehanded.

The main reason for this hiatus was the receipt of some serious offers for my villa. The result of which was a hastily organised 10 day trip to Turkey – aided and abetted by my Pirate friends – while I negotiated and completed on the sale of my lovely Villa Kohinoor. Emotional – but necessary and a game changing financial impact on the cruising budget !

Enterprise also played host to Trudy, Martin and Georgia in Southampton Water, and also to Gerry, John and Vicky after I sailed the boat to Lymington on the 3rd July. Martin helped me struggle with the enormous cruising chute and John helped me experiment with the techniques of anchoring. Both very enjoyable visits with plenty of sailing, and the odd nautical terms. So all in all an extremely enjoyable, productive, intense, emotional and rewarding month has passed.

On Monday 6th July I sailed to Poole Harbour to anchor off Pottery Pier, Brownsea Island for 3 days. As it happens I am anchored very close to where Baden Powel held the very first scout camp in 1907 – ah the smell of the leather woggles and Spotted Dick of my childhood. Plenty of time in a very safe anchorage to try out inverters, and watermakers, I had intended getting the dinghy off the boat and trying out my outboard engine – but a wave of lethargy overcame me and I decided to read, listen to the radio and just enjoy the silence of the anchorage. What a beautiful secluded spot this is. Of course this experience was considerably enhanced by the scent of beef curry, wild rice and seeni sambol – Day1. Followed by Day2’s menu of boiled egg curry and yes, wild rice and seeni sambol. Somewhat different to my scout cooking badge which I was awarded after the incident of my exploding spotted richard – there must be a connection. Perhaps the explosion is simply more delayed these days.

Apologies if I disappoint or confuse those expecting me to be making tracks for exotic destinations. As I have said many times there is no plan. In a ship’s log you record the port you are departing and then the word is never ‘To’ but ‘Towards’. So on Thursday it will be ‘Towards Weymouth’ to visit the Dorset Seafood Festival. I am looking forward to meeting up with the Pirates, and David, Kirsty, Joe, Sam and Hannah.

As for us all, with each day we experience our ‘reality’. But all our ‘realities’ are, in the words of  Mr. Poe, a Dream within a Dream…

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10 comments to A dream within a dream…

  • Paul

    Nice one Russ – keep posting. And yes I completed my staff pay and grading review…..I know how to have a good time!


  • vicky

    very good time . i loved it. thank you Captain Chuck

  • john

    Notice you didn’t mention the shore line!
    Our secret is safe!

  • vicky

    very good i love it great time

  • John

    I didn’t know that you had a spotted dick as a child!
    On a serious note…(well it’s from me so it can’t be that serious) I have recently downloaded a free app called Life360. It’s a tracking app which works VERY well and can find people within 30 feet (poor if you are standing within 29 feet of them!).
    We use it to track Vicky when she is out and only requires her/you to turn on LOCATE on your phone. Could you install it Russ so that Vicky can track you?
    There’s no ad’s or viruses.
    First mate Silk

    • I presume this would only work in range of mobile phone network or wifi. In any case I only wish to be tracked when I wish to be tracked – I am sure you can understand that 🙂

      Use the options on the right hand side bar for location.


  • John

    In Poole Harbour, you are less than 7 miles away from my house. Please feel free to drop in or if that`s not possible, arrange a meet at The Quay pub on, er, the quay! Best wishes from a West Ham landlubber (we actually WON a match last week in case you hadn`t heard!)

  • Ok Cap’n! If you’re so blooming erudite, quoting EAP; answer this then. Where was Edgar Allan’s Poe?……………

    Under Edgar Allen’s bed!

    Yach y da, boyo

    Sent from my HTC

  • Ah pity! Come to Weymouth for the Seafood Festival !

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