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Cornell–Atlantic Odyssey

Most of the past week has been spent moving stuff from one place to another and back again trying to get some order in the boat. The aft cabin is still upside down – waiting for “Marco” the Italian repair man to come and fit the autopilot. He did send me a quote when he opened it up for almost 4 boat bucks!…we then met up for a man to man chat – he actually is a lovely guy – we agreed on 2.5 boat bucks. The new autopilot is on order and should come from Spain next Monday. The fridge is repaired and working. The second headsail is up and needs a bit of tweaking, which I will do with Pete when he gets here on the 12th.

The soundtrack for my day is provided by Monster Radio – listen here. Its a strange eclectic playlist that goes from Harry Bellefonte “There’s a Hole in my Bucket to the Pretenders “Don’t Get Me Wrong” to the theme to 2001 a Space Odyssey the acid funk version! (yes, ok I read that it was acid funk – whatever that means)

I made a friend…a 73yr old Norwegian guy, also sailing alone. His wife died 2 years ago after 45 years of marriage. He is fulfilling the dream that they shared. He has entered the ARC under pressure from his family not to do the Atlantic solo. Just so you know, this guy is as strong as an ox and looks like Arny – as Arny looks now, that is. Unfortunately, he left yesterday to sail alone to the start of the ARC in Gran Canarias. At least my liver can recover a bit. That boy can drink!

I am slowly being surrounded by boats who have entered the competitor rally to the ARC. Its a rally organised by a very famous sailor called Jimmy Cornell. You can see the web site here. The rally is called the Atlantic Odyssey. This made me think. They are going from Lanzarote to Martinique on November 18th. This means I probably wont get a berth in Martinique! Meanwhile, I have been corresponding with a couple of people who provide weather routing services. It turns out that the costs of having an expert send daily routing and weather advice would be about 1 boat buck. On the other hand, the cost of joining the Atlantic Odyssey is 700 Euro for a boat and two crew. So, after discussion with Pete, I made contact with Cornell Sailing. The outcome is that SV Enterprise has joined the rally. That way I get a discount on my berth here in Lanzarote; a week free in Martinique; daily routing advice; and a proper boat tracker so you will be able to truly see where Enterprise is in real time.

The rally office opens here on the 7th. I am looking forward to this new development in the no plan plan. So far it has been executed with military precision, and everything has happened exactly as I didn’t plan it.

IMG_6869 IMG_6891
Fridge man trying to decipher technical manual…….. he cant speak English and I cant speak Spanish…..neither of us can understand the manual… Camping out in the back – waiting for new autopilot to be fitted…
IMG_6887 IMG_6888
Food in bunk room….what a mess Tools and spares in bunk room…. I got distracted and went and did something else….
IMG_6892 IMG_6876
emailing Marco about his quote…. Yes I am wearing clothes…. somewhere….
IMG_6879 FHD0003
Boats flying their Atlantic Odyssey burgees… Breakfast emails… its already 700F
IMG_6868 IMG_6882
Two head sails – too messy when furled….…….. I need to have another go at this… Giant cruise liner disgorging 2,000 geriatrics…

9 comments to Cornell–Atlantic Odyssey

  • dannyalt

    could do with some of that weather here Russ, it is far from blue skies and 70F over breakfast, I can tell you that much! Good luck with the Rally!

  • David Altendorff

    I think that’s great you joining this thing Dad. We had a bloke come in to deliver a talk at work, his name was Humphrey Walters, very interesting and quite famous guy (worth googling) who had also completed the Atlantic crossing – alas with 12 crew. His pictures made it look pretty hairy. Some of the waves were not for the faint hearted. Plus the snow was incredible! Will it be you, Pete, plus two then?

  • gary

    I can picture it now,Rod CD singing away about atlantic crossings,Arnie shouting from a nearby boat about coming back,you still stunned (and sobbing) about the amount of a boat buck(and easily finding a word to rhyme it with),Pete doing all the work…ain’t life grand(just like a boat buck really).Go west young man

  • Just returned to Blighty in fog at day break coming from thunder, lightening & torrential rain storm for last 24 hours on Mexico Gulf coast! Mostly glad to be home. Catching up on your blogs; had to re-read the notes on last two photos above when I realised they were supposed to be separate comments. Sounds exciting to have the thrill of the rally although I seem to recall you saying you may not actually be in sight of another boat? Still, we can track you real time and live (as well as alive!). A bit of a relief for us all I think. Very excited for your big push; wishing you fair winds and smooth sailing all the way. Much love and big respect as always xxx

  • Stuart

    Well the Atlantic Odyssey sounds not bad value. Did you think of selling a cruise place to one of the geriatrics? They could have been the auto helm then.
    It sounds really exciting though. It’s excellent you will have company for the Atlantic crossing.

  • Sounds like a good “no plan plan” Russ – good decision! BTW what’s the exchange rate of the boat buck (excuse my ignorance!)?

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