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I sail therefore I am…

The next crew member to join up was a rather geeky and long nosed Annie Descharts. She presented herself one afternoon as I ordered my second Planters Punch in the notorious Doolittle’s Bar. The bar itself claimed to be the location for the film of the famed Doctor and his powers over animals. A power which I mused would be very useful when confronting crew.

Miss Descharts was a navigator and a mathematician. She wore a T shirt on which the slogan “Evidence is to the eyes of the spirit what vision is to the eyes of the body” – in three languages. I knew immediately this was a very high brow person – not the sort to enter a wet t-shirt competition. Je pense, donc je suis, mange tous, mange tous.

We anchored in the bay for a few days. It was hot and sultry. We moved on. Bypassing St Vincent due to tales of violence and debauchery on that sorry island. We made straight for the famed Admiralty Bay of Bequia…arriving late at night we anchored, on the third attempt, in just 5 metres of water. In the morning we awoke to the sunrise over Princess Margaret Beach.

The boat boys plied up and down in the morning offering a variety of services from fresh baked croissants to laundry pick up to fuel. We dinghy’d ashore to the picturesque Gingerbread cafe for breakfast.

We stayed for 8 days in Bequia. The music du jour was supplied by J Gool – the dinners by the Black Pearl Restaurant – or curry on board Enterprise – and swimming was off the little beach by the Plantation House – it doesn’t get much better than this.

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  • Hi Chris & Barnacle

    Lovely to hear from you down in Galapagos land – what does curried turtle taste like?…and BTW I am not surprised that the old fool has been befriended by a blue-footed booby, birds of a feather…oh dear….what does that say about me…


  • Stuart

    Are we going to have some more of your splendid videos?

  • John

    Nice to hear from you again, Russ; I had worried you may have been lost at sea (oops, I DIDN`T attempt to rush to your help!). Now it seems you have other (female) distractions on board. As Del-boy himself may have said, Mange tout my boy, mange tout (except that he would have correctly put TOUT unlike those of us who didn`t concentrate in French lessons and put TOUS………)

    • ped·ant·ry
      excessive concern with minor details and rules.
      “to object to this is not mere pedantry”
      synonyms: dogmatism, purism, literalism, formalism;

      Mange tous John 🙂

  • Gary

    As I always felt in my bones,you’ve done an Odysseus and been seduced by the lotus eaters.Mysterious sirens entrancing you. Fight it man,you’re British. BTW,if you do break free can I take your place?Please.

  • Stuart

    If it goes on like this you won’t want to come back to the UK!

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