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From Zumba to ……

Well the “Spice Island” chapter is drawing to a close. Enterprise has been here since March, and the crew and the boat are fully rested and ready for a new chapter.

What have the crew go up to..? It seems we have done everything. We have visited the rum factory (& sampled), the chocolate factory (& sampled); the waterfalls (& swum); we have completed 2 hashes (& sweated); we have been to the sculptor park (& snorkelled); we have endured loud loud LOUD music on very bus, food stand and beach party (& danced)….Smile

….having done all this what have we left……damn hot days – too sweltering to do even one simple job – and damn, damn, damn HOT nights – again – too hot to do anything – I mean anything ! …. then the rainy season came upon the flock. Rain doesn’t begin to describe the feeling of having an ocean turned upside down over your head…. then the sun comes out – everything dries up …. and your flip flops melt.

Unfortunately, we will not be here for Carnival which starts next week.

I am sorry that I wont get to see the Jab-Jab.

This is the commemoration of the end of slavery signified by the Jab-Jab rituals

…..and then of course the LOUD music, and Oil Down.





A few memories, from the thousands, that we modern travellers inevitably hoard…for no known reason…

Grenada Hash House Harriers Port Louis Marina
Grenada Music Festival – at Port Louis Marina Oil down – everything goes in from pigs trotters to you know what….
IMG_1756 IMG_7852
Motley cruisers under an appropriate sign… Esther & Omega – cooking demo at True Blue Marina
IMG_7318 IMG_7314
Enterprise at rest… My neighbour appears to know one end of his rod, from the other….
IMG_7561 IMG_7568
Visiting crew – very welcome ! Hard work this crewing…..

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