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A Taste of Trini! …

Thursday 11th August, 0900. We are booked on the “Taste of Trini” bus trip with the famous Jesse James. The tour started right outside the gates of the marina with Jesse hopping off to get us  Fry Bake, Saltfish and Smoked Herring… that was certainly a rude awakening for most of the drowsy cruisers – you have to remember the average age of the 10 guests is well over 55…ahem…perhaps a bit older, but we are 5 hours behind the UK so I think that counts in some strange way.

Jesse BusJesse roars off in his van. As we leave the confines of the two lane, potholed road that connects Chaguaramas to the suburbs of Port of Spain the road widens and turns into a 4 lane freeway. Suddenly the traffic lights ahead change to flashing red, this is the signal for Jesse to put down his phone for a moment, put on his seat belt and accelerate “to beat the red”. You have to get in to the spirit of driving in the islands!…

The day progresses, and Jesse stops at a variety of roadside stalls, huts, cafes, street vendors … all the time trying to surprise and delight his captive audience.

I counted 32 stops during the day and and even greater number of Trinidadian delicacies. Some were fantastic like “Doubles” – a roti filled with curried chickpeas. Some were not too bad…like “Cow Heel Soup” – take a soup and float some gristle in it. Some were a challenge – BBQ’d pigtails. Yet others were absolutely revolting – “Chickens Feet” – served in a cup neatly manicured. Only one of the party managed to get these anywhere near his mouth – he was an old rugby player so that explains it. Jesse informs us that he will take the feet home, apparently this will impress his wife.

Here is the list of what we ate between 9am and 7pm.

Stop Description Link
1 Fry Bake image
Saltfish image
Smoked Herring image
Chicken liver image
2 Cheesy potato pie image
3 Trini beef pie image
4 Sada Roti & Baigan Choka image
Bitter Gourd image
5 Cow heel soup image
6 Beef pie – pastry image
Chicken pie – pastry image
Fish pie – pastry image
Coconut bake image
7 Chenet image
8 Doubles image
Saheena (Sahina) image
Kachori image
9 Pomerac image
10 BBQ Pigtails image
Macaroni Pie image
11 Goat curry image
Green fig

(Green Banana)

Cassava image
12 Goolab Jamoon image
13 Preserved – red mango image
Preserved – five fingers (star fruit) image
Preserved – Pommecythere Kuchela image
14 Drink – Sorrell image
Drink – Mauby image
15 Roast corn image
16 Mango anchar image
17 Barfi image
18 Kurma image
19 Coconut finger image
20 Fruit cake image
21 Bread pudding image
22 Coconut rock cake image
23 Star fruit image
24 Chickytoe (baby) banana image
25 Soursop image
26 Pholourie Balls image
Geera chicken image
Chicken feet souse



27 Pork cutters image
28 BBQ Chicken image
29 Cocoa pod seeds image
30 Tamarind balls image
31 Toolum image
32 Fish image
Jerk pork image
BBQ Pork image
Macaroni salad image
Bhaji rice image
Lentils image
33 Home made ice cream –

Soursop; peanut; vanilla; chocolate


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