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You will need my sat phone number which you can get by emailing me. Although the screen will say 160 chars - I only get the first 108 (...its the usual IT screw up)






Life in Trinidad

I have been berated for not posting anything since last August (2016).. its is now Feb (2017)..!

A lot of water has passed under the keel.

Life in the Power Boats boat yard is the words of the late great Robin Williams “..hotter than a snakes ass in a wagon rut”. For 10USD you can get an a/c unit duck-taped to the rear hatch – which is the aft cabin …so yoy can get a decent nights sleep. Since the boat is plugged in to shore power I then set up a main powered fan to blow the cool air around the boat. That is all well and good – except you then become a hermit hiding in the boat in the day and emerging at sunset for the “Happy Hour”. By the way I still haven’t seen the so called “green flash” at sunset !

IMG_8085 IMG_8087
Enterprise moored in the “Creek” A/c unit on the back
Aerial Power Boats hoodcheck_power-boats-wharfside-view
Aerial view of harbour The famous “Power Boats” Marina

Shopping is a matter of getting on to the “Jesse James” mini bus – that runs several times a week to a local supermarket, and a variety of other speciality shops. Unfortunatley its too far to walk, the marina and shipyard areas are way out of town.


IMG_8090 IMG_8089
Jesse James bus Pattie shop..
IMG_8088 IMG_8091
Beef Pastelles – meal wrapped in a banana leaf.. Not bad – with support from the pickle cupboard : – )

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