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..the Bitter End..

The entire North Sound is a safe haven for even a large fleet. It is here that many pirates like Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Hawkins, sought refuge and cover. The connection with pirates went on to modern times. Roland "Pop" Symonette was one of nine children born in poverty in the Bahamas. Although he had only six years of formal education, Symonette became one of the wealthiest men of his generation. A lifelong advocate of education, he was a school teacher early in his career, but, during Prohibition, Symonette transported whiskey to the United States. With the profits from bootlegging, he invested in real estate, hotels, a shipyard and and eventually a wide range of philanthropic interests, including Camp Symonette, originally built for the youth of the Bahamas. The Symonette family's holdings have never been publicly confirmed, but public speculation has placed it between $700 million and $2.5 billion USD. One of his sons – Basil – who was a keen yachtsman found himself in North Sound one day and established the The Bitter End pub.

Originally comprising five rustic cottages, The Bitter End Pub was originally meant to house charter captains and adventurous sailors, when Basil was feeling sociable he would encourage boats wanting to come ashore to sound their airhorn and he would use a megaphone to tell prospective patrons to come ashore and enjoy a meal.  By the 1970’s the area passed into the hands of the Hokins family who developed the resort that exists today. They have adopted an eco friendly design by the use of solar panels, rain collection, generators, and irrigation of the surrounding landscape by grey waste shower water.  The resort is celebrated for its world class watersports amenities as well as stunning natural surroundings.

We certainly had a lovely break here and would not hesitate to recommend the area to yachtsmen or landlubbers.

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Enterprise at anchor … dead centre  

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